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Assembly Talk on Act – act in the living present 20.7.15

Act – act in the living present
We must work in the present. Because the present is something very much alive.
xrs 'kksdks u drZO;a Hkfo";a uSo fpUr;sr~A orZekusu dkysu izorZUrs fop{k.kk%AA
tks chr x;k lks chr x;k ml ckr dk ihNk dkSu djs \    
tks rhj deku ls fudy x;k ml rhj dk ihNk dkSu djs \
It is immediately before us. Every moment we are up against unforeseen difficulties or perhaps the hostility of people. These are the living realities of life. We must bury  the dead past. To do the maximum work it is necessary to fill every moment of the immediate present with some work of 'noble note'. To act in the living present has other advantages.
'o% dk;Ze| dqohZr~ iwokZg~.ks pkijkfg~ude~A u fg e`R;q% izrh{ksr~ d`ra okI;k·Fkok·d`re~AA
dky djs lks vkt dj vkt djs lks vcA iy esa ijyS gks,xh cgqfj djSxks dc \
It makes for steady and continuous progress. Let us remember that the heights of greatness were not reached by our leaders by a sudden flight. It involved long, laborious and patient work from day to day.
tc deZizsj.kk ls izsfjr mUeRr y{; cu tkrs gSaA
rc deZohj ds iFkdaVd e[key ljh[k cu tkrs gSaAA
So, we must use our present properly.
;g tUe gqvk fdl vFkZ vgksA le>ks ftlesa ;g O;FkZ u gksA
dqN rks mi;qDr djks ru dks A uj gks u fujk'k djks eu dksAA
If we take care of our present, definitely our future will be bright and brilliant.

l/kU;okn--- MkW- jRukdj pkScs **f=iq.M** ¼laLd`rkpk;Z Mh-,-oh-ch-vks-vkj-,y- ifCyd Ldwy chuk e-iz-½

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