मंगलवार, 2 सितंबर 2014

I have given Assembly talk / Short speech in english on the topik of "MAA" in today's morning assembly 03.09.2014-Dr.Chaubey Ratnakar "TRIPUND"

I have given Assembly talk / Short speech in English on the topic of "MAA" in today's morning assembly 03.09.2014-Dr.Chaubey Ratnakar "TRIPUND"

Respected principal sir, teachers and dear students!
Today I am here to speak on the most indispensable asset of human lives, That is mother. Through the medium of a story.
The night grew deeper with profound stillness. The door of the Art and painting exhibition was shunted. There was a faint light inside. There stood a woman in front of the picture transfixed. There was a strange glow on the face of the motionless woman. Tears were tripping down her cheeks and it was completely socking her dress. There was none in the vicinity.
The woman's eyes were engrossed in the picture. One side of the picture was imprinted with the beheaded head of a cow and on the other it was that of a Pig. At the epicentre there was the picture of the beheaded corpse of a man and a woman. Dead bodies of children too were visible. Ironically everyone's blood was collected into a unison pool. The woman was inconsolably shedding tears. Tragically, She was the mother of all the victims. This mother was none else, But the mother India. BHARATMAA.
Every mother yearns to see and experience the unfathomable depth of her children’s love and affection for one another. The greatest tribute that we can offer our mother is to live in peace harmony and mutual understanding.
Vande Mataram.                                                                                                    Thank you

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